• Ribbon Cutting / Grand Opening Package Details

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    Congratulations! The Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce is always pleased to assist our members with ribbon cutting, grand opening, and significant event celebrations. We offer the following package to help you make the most of your event.

    FREE to all Chamber members

    • Announcement of the event sent to the full Chamber distribution list
    • Announcement of event on HDCC Facebook page and link to your Facebook Event page if you have one set up.
    • Representation of the Chamber of Commerce at the event*
    • Contact list for your municipalities elected officials (Mayor and Councillors) **
    • Contact list for your Member of the Legislative Committee and/or your Member of Parliament**
    • guide with Checklist
    • Poster template


    * During normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm). For events held during the evening and/or on weekends, we will do our best to have a representative there but cannot guarantee attendance.

    ** Please note that while we do provide contact information for key dignitaries, the Chamber does not send invitations or manage responses for you.

  • The Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce will provide general guidelines for planning a ribbon cutting/grand opening. Our staff is here to support you and guide you in planning your celebration. However, the Chamber does not accept responsibility for planning ribbon cutting/grand openings for its members, including selecting dates/times, collateral design, extending invitations to local dignitaries, and notifying the media. Additionally, the Chamber does not provide photography for the event. All of these services will enhance the experience and we recommend them. The Chamber staff can be your resource in finding the right companies to support your event.

    • Event details and description (150 word maximum) for inclusion in the Chamber’s website should be provided at least 10 working days prior to the event.  Description can include a link to the company’s website and/or an email address for more information.
    • Requests for contact information for your municipalities elected officials should be directed to the Office Manager.
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